Smith & Wesson M&P22C 22 LR Compact 10-Round Pistol


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Smith & Wesson M&P22C 22 LR compact 10-round pistol for novices and experts

Whether you’re no stranger to guns or a rookie user looking for one for basic training, here’s something that will be the very thing. Decently built and designed to be close to perfection, the Smith & Wesson M&P22C 22 LR compact 10-round pistol is what you won’t resist carrying for target shooting or skill practicing. Despite having some bells and whistles, this single-action handgun doesn’t look finicky and is powerful enough to meet all your firearms needs.

We’ve added Smith & Wesson M&P22C 22 LR for sale as the compact 10-round pistol of choice for all types of gun owners. Featuring the hammer trigger mechanism, this rimfire handgun produces minimal recoil and less noise, making it suitable for various shooting experiences. It’s accurate, lightweight (15.3 oz), and comes with a 3.8″ carbon steel barrel, complete with a black frame finish and an anodized coating to maximize its durability.

Why go for the Smith & Wesson M&P22C 22 LR compact 10-round pistol?

There’s more to the M&P22C 22 LR than just its accuracy and comfortable polymer grip. Of course, it looks like the best firearms should while being a sheer pleasure to hold and to shoot. But its features go far beyond, including:

  • an impressive 10+1 magazine capacity to handle more rounds for your recreational shooting
  • improved aiming adjustability with front and rear sights to minimize the horizontal and vertical deviation
  • ambidextrous design complemented by controls and manual safeties
  • sturdy build that allows the pistol to withstand the stress of heavy use

Do you long for more? Two magazines in the box make a great addition to the Smith & Wesson M&P22C 22 LR compact 10-round pistol for sale at our store. And its price tag is the icing on the cake!

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