ATI GSG-M1911G .22 LR Pistol


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Feel safer than ever before with an ATI GSG-M1911G .22 LR Pistol

Do you like guns as much as we do? Then check out one of the coolest firearms we have for sale – ATI GSG-M1911G .22 LR Pistol. This handgun is perfect for different purposes because it’s quite easy to use and maintain. No matter if you want to practice shooting or try your luck at the professional competition, this weapon will be a good choice. Check out its specifications to make sure that it will fit your requirements:


  • Walnut grip. ATI GSG-M1911G .22 LR Pistol will sit tight in your hand without slipping.



  • 5” barrel length. Such design allows the ammo to fly out of the gun at maximum speed.



  • Single action. You can shoot only one bullet at a time but with increased accuracy.



  • .22 LR caliber. Having such a gauge, this pistol can be as powerful as a rifle.



  • 10+1 magazine. Such capacity of the cartridge allows you to reload less often.



  • Rimfire ammo. This type of ammunition will cost you less money than centerfire.



  • 2.15 pounds in weight. It’s not much for a solid gun, so it will be easier for you to aim.


Only imagine what a great shooting experience you’ll have with an ATI GSG-M1911G .22 LR Pistol. And it also looks awesome, so don’t be surprised if your friends will get jealous. 

Things you should know before buying an ATI GSG-M1911G .22 LR Pistol

The fact that we sell guns online doesn’t mean that you don’t need all the necessary firearm papers, including a valid US-issued ID to buy them. We expect our customers to be responsible and follow all the safety rules and recommendations found on our website. We believe that you acknowledge this and will use our products for non-violent activities only. The rest is beyond our concern as we respect the US citizens’ holy right to have a gun.

Buy our firearms and shoot like a pro!

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